Isle of Man-based Royal London 360° has added some exciting new fund choices to its two regular premium savings products, Paragon and Quantum as well as its regular premium protection product, Life Plan. The move opens up a variety of international investment and currency risk opportunities for investors.

Nine new fund managers and seven new sectors have been added across the three ranges and include investment groups such as Neptune, GAM and Investec. Additional currency variants have also been approved for the majority of the existing funds, meaning many now come with two or more currency alternatives. The changes will give IFAs greater flexibility when tailoring their clients’ fund choices to meet differing risk profiles, as well as target specific savings or protection goals.

Natalie Dutton, Head of Marketing at Royal London 360°, commented: “We have added Asian bond funds, three new currency/money market funds, four new Islamic funds, a Russian fund and one within the Equity MENA (Middle East and North Africa) sector.

“The addition of currency variants within existing funds means it will now be much easier for IFAs and their clients to mitigate currency risk by matching fund currency to policy currency,” adds Dutton.

Quantum funds are available to investors in four currency variants – Swiss Francs, Euros, US Dollars and Sterling; Paragon and LifePlan are available to investors in three currency variants – Euros, US Dollars and Sterling.

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