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Leaving the EU Could Cause a Major Funding Blow to UK Universities

Leaving the EU could cause a major funding blow to UK Universities.

2.3 million students studied at universities across all levels in the UK in 2014- 2015. 436,585 of these, roughly 19%, came from other countries. In recent years there have been more students from other EU member states enrolling in universities throughout Britain, with 28.5 % of all foreign students in the UK coming from EU countries.

An already fragile state of affairs for universities throughout the UK is not helped by the fact tuition fees in 2012 trebled in cost when the previous cap of £3,375 was removed, upping the fees to £9,000 per year. With the aftermath of the Brexit vote leaving the UK’s future uncertain, reports suggest that EU students are looking elsewhere for more affordable fees to study. Germany is currently one of the more popular destinations due to affordable tuition fees.

Please read more on this topic in the full article from Fortune here
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